Cooperation with us includes complete service from the first meeting with you until your moving into designed interior. Within the framework of international project outside the Slovakia and Czech Republic cooperation is as follows:

1. After you enter data about your interior, confirm cooperation with confirmation of quotation and book the term by electronic comunication our cooperation will start with a personal meeting with you to sign a Work contract (in your country, ideally on your property). Our designers will then inspect your property personally, measure your interior if necessary and fill out with you detailed designers questionnaire about your ideas and requests about the interior.

2. We will draw up the interior design with a budget and send it to you with a detailed description. In case of need we will incorporate your suggestions and changes and we will adjust the budget, too. All this through electronic communication.

3. We will present incorporated suggestions and changes by 3D photorealistic visualizations (also send via e-mail). After you confirm them we will draw up technical implementation documentation (construction drawings and manufacture of furniture drawings) under which we will finalize the final budget for the implementation of the interior design.

4. We will send you finished project in printed form in the hardcover of our interior design studio.

5. Our designers will be available for you during the implementation within the agreed control days and all the time during creation and implementation of the interior, as well as after your actual move in in case of need. We are always here for you. Communication can take place by phone or via e-mail. Together we will create a plan of control days directly on your property abroad. In case of need, designers will remain on your property even longer time during implementation, it depends on mutual agreement.
We draw up interior design into the smallest details of processing and quality so you can have a perfect picture and idea about your new interior still in the stage of project preparation which is a guarantee of final success. In practice this will also embrace solving the calculation of lighting scenes and materials in such a way that client can see the interior in full reality and atmosphere before the implementation is done. Professional 3D modelers and graphic artists model every element of interior design, they put precise textures from catalogues of producers chosen by client in cooperation with designer of interior design, in precise scales and details of products so the interior design reflects identical reality after implementation. Our 3D visualizations reflect 99% of reality of how the interior will look like after implementation. Designers, in cooperation with 3D modelers and 3D visualizers, prepare for you high-class photorealistic interior design and rework every detail on every single product from interior design whether the lamp and its effect of lighting, chairs and their fabrics or appliances in such a way the result of interior design matches the final reality.