Flat, Martin

Project type: Flat
Location: Martin
Date: 11/2017
Total square footage: 60 m2

This is the first project of property under the brand TOLICCI Design Apartments, which means it is a property designed in the 100% identity
of TOLICCI ready for sale as it is designed.

The apartment is designed directly by founder of TOLICCI and is ready for a young couple or an individual who likes luxury, comfort, quality
and design.

The interior was opened and refined to the maximum, we gave him a sense of luxury in the 100% identity of TOLICCI, which, as always, consists of wood, stone, glass and precious metals.

The concept of design is made on the contrast of dark wood and white-cream shades and golden accents with olive-green complementary color.

There is a number of design iconic products in the form of lights and accessories, artistic works with gold and platinum by world-famous
artist Gordana Turuk, and products from High fashion home collections such as Versace and Giorgio Armani.

The apartment is equipped with the possibility of smart mobile intelligent control of lights, music and heating which is solved in the
form of built-in ceiling speakers in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The apartment is located in an old flat house, oriented to all cardinal points except north, overlooking the Martinské hole.

It is completely renovated, leaving only the central supporting wall from the original flat.