Creation of interior designs in identity of TOLICCI is a full value merger of basic aesthetic identities of Italian – Central European and Arabic culture of Middle East. Identity of TOLICCI is characterized mainly by that on the background of the European Italian tradition in interiors typical by elegance of earthy hues, dark wood, natural elements and natural stone exclude element of glamour and exclusivity of Arab world in gold, silver and bronze hues which we use in our work as an accents. This guarantees our unique combination of two such qualitative and aesthetic cultural giants on this planet. The result is unique design breathing with ageless aesthetic, quality and functionality, whether on material or design side. This is description of pure priority design line and identity of TOLICCI.
Each client of us is unique and has unique emotional requirements so in our portfolio you can find interior designs which tend more to pure Italian style based on earthy background in contrasts with white and dark areas complemented by pastel accents and accents of precious metals. This interior design tends towards wood, fabric and stone. For second type of client are typical interior designs tending towards Arab world of aesthetic which is characterized by background of warm hues of cream colors, glossy surfaces materially moving towards stone, fabric and ceramic with multiple accents of precious metals like gold, silver and bronze with additional vibran color hues.