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We create interior designs based on modern Italian aesthetics with a touch of luxury so that you feel exceptional, comfortable and pleasant at your home every single day.

TOLICCI is a design brand primarily focused on the design of interiors of the highest class of design aesthetics with an emphasis on the detail of the visual and technical design, respecting clients requirements acting as an interior studio in Bratislava and throughout Slovakia, Czech Republic and neighboring countries.


The brand was founded in 2014 by Tomáš Belica, who is moving throughout his life in the field of aesthetics and art, in his work with a great emphasis on detail in every stage of its creation to the final product.


From this idea proceeds an identity of TOLICCI transformed by Slovak interior designers into reality in the form of interior design of apartments, family houses and private residences


The TOLICCI design team currently consists of artists from the area of design and art as interior and home architects and carefully selected and educated by the founder of the brand as a team of professionals who apply their experience and aesthetic feel to a tailored design in the TOLICCI identity using predominantly Italian brands.


Every single interior design goes through the hands of the founder of the brand in its productive and final phase, which is presented to the client. This way, the identity of TOLICCI is preserved in each project as it was set by its founder.

Philosophy of creation

Identity of TOLICCI is based on the traditional Italian perception of the aesthetics of colors, shapes, materials and their mutual tuning in the interior. This we express through earthy combinations of colors and patterns with wood and natural stone. This base we gently supplement with a more pronounced color and gold or silver accents of precious metals, which guarantee a full-fledged, lively and ageless combination, achieved thanks to quality, mostly Italian products. We carry this unifed manuscript over the entire designed space with and emphasis on detail of the design in terms of aesthetics, material and funcionality.


Currently, our team consists of 15 people – interior designers, 3D visualizers, technical drafters, tradesmen, PR managers and administrative staff so that everyone does what fills them and together we have created the best product for you – professional interior design. 

The story of a logo

In 2012, the studio´s founder began to work as an interior designer and only in 2014 the story of TOLICCI logo itself began to be written in the first basic contours of an irregular shape with seven edges expressing the basic contours of a modern lifestyle of a woman. These contours didn´t change even in the last redesign of the logo, together with the filling of the logo itself of the letter „T“, which takes form of the basic contours of the table as a fitting element.

The letter „T“ symbolizes the beginning of the term TOLICCI. In its original form from 2014, the color of the logo changed from brown to golden, which represents one of the basic elements in the creation of TOLICCI interiors – golden accents and symbolizes luxury.

In 2018, the logo was redesigned due to the precise determination of the design direction and identity of TOLICCI – wood-stone-gold and the creation of a supporting base of clients professing modern design with a touch of luxury and uniqueness. This fact affected the overall visual identity of the logo to its current form. To the original logo was added golden color and laurel twigs, symbolizing experience, nobility and protection – as a reference to the specification of the target client and its client base (audience). The lower part of the logo containing two graphics is a graphis link and at the same time a replica of the graphic contours of a part of the coat of arms from the area of Turiec – a locality in nothern Slovakia, where was born the studio´s founder, Ing. Tomáš Belica and where he grew up. As the last element, the crown was added as a symbol of quality together with five stars, the connection of which is a reference to a five-star servis – the highest quality. The star itself represents uniqueness, which underlines the whole meaning of the logo.

This is how the story of the logo itself was created, in which participated the studio´s founder himself together with the graphic artists. The term TOLICCI, as the studio´s founder says, was born at the table on the day when the idea of founding his own interior studio was born, then directly in his personal statement:

By the time I graduated from university, I knew that my steps would lead in the artistic direction that I had been inclinated to since I was a child. And studied it and bent it in various directions whether in high school or later at university. At the same time, I had in me helping others, as many of my friends often came to me for my advice, opinions and perspectives on the various things that interested them. This natural self-determination only aimed to creation of a design studio and give design and art to people and help them this way – to create a pleasant environment for their lives and improve it.


One day, as a young boy, I sat down at a table in my room and just started writing on paper to create something. At that time I also had knowledge of luxury clothing brands from music videos of the time, where clothing brands were presented, including GUCCI, founded by Guccio Gucci, an Italian fashion designer from Florence. At university, I became more interested in the interior as such and I began to study the range of fitting elements. I came across a number of Italian brands, whose range matched my perception of aesthetics in the interior – walnut wooden surfaces, golden metals, natural stone – I fell in love. I studied more about Italian art culture and about art as such and I absorbed something at university in theoretical subjects about the history of art, where Italy was very often repeated.


This fusion of my consciousness – the combination of art with Italy and contemporary music, where the brand was presented, created in my mind the idea of my own brand, which will reflect Italy and quality with using the combination of „CCI“ (similar to GUCCI). I also wanted to include a piece of myself in the title so I wrote the first two letters of my name „TO“ on paper and added the mentioned „CCI“. Then I simply linked it to the word TOLICCI and this is how the brand was created. It is therefore a novelty, and in principnle the word itself means nothing. I always smile about the reactions of the Italians themselves when talking to them, who perceive the word as Italian but they don´t know it.“


TOLICCI brings to the market a new perspective on interior design, trying to extract maximum aesthetics in the interior while respecting the assignment and client´s requirements. Our vision is to create unique interior design in our conditions and bring constant news in cooperation with leading brands of interior fitting elements as they develop over time. In this way, we want to get the current world design scene into our designs and to create according to current trends in the design framework of TOLICCI wood-stone-gold, as it was set by the founder of TOLICCI.