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Luxury houses interiors

Villa Austria

UNIQUENESS AND EXCLUSIVITY are the key features of the interior design of this luxury villa in Austria. The daytime part is carried in an open, airy style, where we used a balanced combination of gold color on a pleasant cream color base of the interior with sufficient contrast of black and complementary burgundy color. The final appearance of the interior finally represents a combination of the clean shapes of minimalism and the artistic elements of maximalism in a perfect proportion to create a unique and unrepeatable interior, custom-made for this luxury property. In the night part of a vast villa in Austria, we solved the bedroom with the first part of the wardrobe with the first part of the wardrobe for the owner. The designer’s signature is carried over from the day part of the interior in the form of a contrast of black and white with added golden accents. We chose furniture from leading Italian designer brands, complemented by Portuguese furniture elements that we used as accents to achieve a pleasant combination of shapes and materials in the final expression of these rooms. We conceived the walk-in closet in a boutique style within its spaciousness, so that everything has its place. The combination of all these elements creates a unique interior with a sufficient touch of luxury and uniqueness, as this exceptional property deserves.
area 315m2 8 rooms 5 bathrooms