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From more than 200 finished projects, we select 12 representative real estate projects of various sizes, types and requirements which we have processed for our clients.

The interior design is based on the client´s idea of a bright interior with the use of wihte color in combination with our identity of interior design. Wood in combination with marble and golden accents together with designer pieces create a bright, luxurious Italian, divine interior.

This luxurious interior was at the request of the client inspired by the movie Fifty shades of grey, we redesigned it with the help of our identity and thus created a luxurious, primarily men´s interior with a royal area situated on the roof.

Luxury apartment with a whirlpool on the roof, wine wall, open gallery and large terraces loaded with first-class designer pieces and unconventional combinations designed for designer gourmets.

Cozy, 2-rooms apartment designed by the founder of TOLICCI, based on the contrast of dark and white color complemented by gold accents and accessories from high fashion brands Armani/Casa and Versace Home.

The interior design is carried in a gentle glamorous style with the use of Swarovski fittings and a private wine cellar, it creates modern, gentle and ageless interior.

The interior design inspired by luxury real estates in Los Angeles with an open gallery across two floors with a luxurious touch in our identity of interior design.

The interior design of a modern family residence in Ružomberok with a floor area of 215 m2 is carried in 100% of the identity of TOLICCI interior designs. Natural stone, wood, gold with complementary green color form a modern and elegant interior.

The harmonious interior which is represented by pure shapes and lines with the application of a play of contrasts of white and brown color with modern Italian approach to interior creates modern ageless elegance.

Luxurious large apartment designed in 100% identity of TOLICCI with a number of first-class Italian furnishing elements in contrast of black, pink with golden accents is a gem among first-class real estates in Slovakia.

The apartment designed in the residential complex Sky Park respecting the organic architecture of buildings by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid, built on light tones and gold color, creates a unique design interior in a unique building in Slovakia.

The pleasant and airy interior of the generous four-storey villa with lift represents pure Italian aesthetics built on simplicity and timeless elegance.

Cozy, 2-rooms apartment represents 100% usability of the space built on a contrast of white and brown color with golden accents in the identity of TOLICCI.

Clean shapes, a number of quality Italian elements with subtle Italian elegance represent timeless aesthetics and modern living in a flat with a touch of luxury.