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We create interior designs based on modern Italian aesthetics with a touch of luxury so that you feel exceptional, comfortable and pleasant at your home every single day.

Identity of TOLICCI / INTERIORS is based on the traditional Italian perception of the aesthetics of colors, shapes, materials and their mutual tuning in the interior. This we express through earthy combinations of colors and patterns with wood and natural stone. This base we gently supplement with a more pronounced color and gold or silver accents of precious metals, which guarantee a full-fledged, lively and ageless combination, achieved thanks to quality, mostly Italian products. We carry this unifed manuscript over the entire designed space with and emphasis on detail of the design in terms of aesthetics, material and funcionality.

Enter with us the world of TOLICCI and discover a new way of living the concept of living in this modern age.

Connect with the brand’s style, which mixes forms, design and design cultures,

from Slovak creative minds, so the brand creates a unique language.

The TOLICCI code.

TOLICCI CODE represents the idea of a concept in which the creation of interior designs is combined into a universal key – CODE. This CODE represents the main recognition elements of the TOLICCI / INTERIORS: WOOD – STONE – GOLD. It recognizes these elements in its various forms, right proportion, quantity, intensity and combination into this unified graphic CODE, as it was introduced in 2014 to the field of interior design in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic by its founder. This unique manuscript has retained its basic form for more than 10 years. At the same time, TOLICCI / INTERIORS year after year transforms new trends in interior design from abroad, from leading manufacturers of furnishing elements, into an interior with sense and incorporates it into the identity of TOLICCI / INTERIORS. In this way, the identity of TOLICCI / INTERIORS is ageless and preserved over time in compliance with current trends in interior design. It is equally applicable to many different interior concepts and thus reflects the client’s ideas about his interior.