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Interior design

We create interior designs based on modern Italian aesthetics with a touch of luxury so that you feel exceptional, comfortable and pleasant at your home every single day.

The interior design of the family residence, which carries elements of a delicate glamorous style, in combination with our identity creates a divine and unique interior.


Area 200m26 rooms1 bathroom

“A place where art meets” is the motto of this design of modern and elegant property with many unique, custom-designed artistic elements and bolder solutions.


Area 160m210 rooms2 bathrooms

This luxurious interior was at the request of the client inspired by the movie Fifty shades of grey, we redesigned it with the help of our identity and thus created a luxurious, primarily men´s interior with a royal area situated on the roof.


Area 250m26 rooms3 bathrooms

A jewel among real estates in Slovakia designed directly by the founder of TOLICCI. Luxury apartment with a whirlpool on the roof, wine wall, open gallery and large terraces loaded with first-class designer pieces and unconventional combinations designed for designer gourmets.


Area 326m24 rooms3 bathrooms

Cozy, 2-rooms apartment designed by the founder of TOLICCI, based on the contrast of dark and white color complemented by gold accents and accessories from high fashion brands Armani/Casa and Versace Home.


Area 60m22 rooms1 bathroom

The interior design is carried in a gentle glamorous style with the use of Swarovski fittings and a private wine cellar.


Area 280m26 rooms3 bathrooms

Magnificence, contrasts and unique design solutions were the main motive of the design of this luxury family residence in Senec, which we also completed the exterior of.


Area 240m27 rooms3 bathrooms


Are you building, remodeling, refurbishing or buying a new property and need advice with the interior, its design or layout, or are you looking for an interior designer? Welcome! We are an interior studio that creates  quality interior design incorporating your requirements with a comprehensive delivery of all design elements including custom furniture. Design and aesthetics, whether it´s a housing design – the interior design of the apartment or in general will find its place in every industry – private as the interior design of the apartment, store or design of a hotel and hotel room interior or for development activities as a interior design of a model apartment for developers. Aesthetics and design have their place in everyday life and definitly and permanently improve their quality.

TOLICCI operates throughout the whole Slovakia, Czech Republic and neighboring countries with the largest service consumption in and around Bratislava. Therefore, in our portfolio you will find many interior designs of apartments, family houses and the use of interior design service in Bratislava as well as in another cities throughout Slovakia.

We will be delighted to provide you with a world-class, ageless design and we will solve many questions in this area so that you can enjoy your new living without stress and loss of time.